Hearing Evaluation

In order to adjust your hearing aid to your individual requirements, we first determine your personal hearing profile, or "audiogram." This is done by a FREE testing of your ability to hear a variety of speech and environmental sounds.

In an effort to speed the process of your L&I claim, we will personally walk you through filling out the documents and we will also set up your appointment with the state doctor.  We will follow your claim every step of the way to make sure your claim is processed and handled timely.

L&I Claims

Let us help you navigate the process of an L&I claim.  We can do all the paperwork for you! If you have a current L&I claim we can help you get top of the line hearing aids with FREE Bluetooth!

Top Hearing Aids

We have found that Unitron & Phonak are the top leading hearing aids.  They have excellent sound quality and offer our patients a wide variety of technology levels to choose from.  FREE Bluetooth with most purchases!

Other Hearing Aid Brands Offer

We service and sell all major hearing aid brands:  Starkey, Siemens, Resound, Rexton, Oticon and Widex

SoundGear Hearing Protection

Where sound is a problem....SoundGear can help!  Keep your hearing protected in all environments.  Hunters & Shooters, Industrial Workers, Military Personnel & Police officers.  

SoundGear allows you to hear conversation, or animals in the wild while protecting your hearing when you shoot your gun.

It protects your ears with the presence of power tools, engines and other industrial machines.